Policies and Procedures

*The tutoring will be held in my home and you will need to provide transportation for your child to and from. I ask that all parents/ guardians be 5 minutes early for drop off and pick up since many times will run back to back. There will be an area to wait in so as to not interrupt the learning enviornment. I will have a room dedicated to tutoring with the latest in curriculum to prepare your child for the year ahead. The rate includes all supplies that your child might need throughout their studies and I will schedule a 15 minute conference every two weeks for us to discuss progress and strategies for continued success. This will be scheduled at the end of the session so prepare to arrive on this day 15 minutes earlier then usual

*If a student is picked up late there will be an additional charge of $10 a minute. This is to insure that all students have the full hour of time allotted.

*All parents will sign a waiver of release as well as a contract stating that all policies and procedures have been read and are agreed upon.

*If you must cancel a session notice is required 24 hours in advance. You then have 24 hours to schedule a make-up session (subject to availability); if you do not schedule within the 24 hour period you forfeit that credit. If notice is not given within 24 hours, a make-up session can be scheduled (subject to availability) for an additional fee of $20.

*Parents will provide with application all applicable educational documentation, such as: previous TAKS scores, TPRI Results, DRA results, Math assessment scores, and any other concerns that you might have.

*Students are to treat tutoring time with as much focus as a regular classroom. Students will have a daily conduct chart and any misbehavior will be noted on the chart. Students need to be prepared for their session (well rested, alert, focused, and prepared).